In the 25 years the Killeen House Hotel has been in operation we have had the luck of having had a great team around us every year. A rarity in the industry, all of our team members have remained with us for at least five years. It is this fine team of people that we must thank for all the amazing awards we have received over the years.
Meet the team

Michael "The Boss" and Geraldine "The Real Boss" Rosney!

Geraldine and Micheal Rosney acquired the Killeen House Hotel in 1992. Having worked in the Irish hotel industry their entire adult lives - and having made all their mistakes at the expense of other hotels - they decided they wanted their own place. They sold everything they had to raise the purchase price (except their three children, who failed to attract a sufficiently high bid!). Since that time, they have invested a serious amount of blood, sweat, tears, and a gullible bank manager's money, into upgrading and developing the joint.

Head Chef Paul O'Gorman

Paul joined us here in 1997 as Head Chef and has been part and parcel of the place ever since. He is a pretty unique chef in many ways and most importantly, he is devoid of both ego and temper! In all our years together, he has never flung a cleaver in anger, throttled an aspiring young trainee, or even slipped a dose of laxative into a grumpy guest's soup! 


. Meet the team